Staff and Instructors

Peter Dyson

Owner, Director

Colin Tedeschi

Registrar, Post-Production Engineer

Pete Nagy

Studio Manager

Bobby Bray

Instructor – Music Business, Digital Audio

Cedrick Courtois

Engineer, Instructor – Audio Recording Techniques, Digital Audio

Mike Harris

Engineer, Instructor – Audio Recording Techniques, Mixing, Mastering, Digital Audio

Debbie Keough

Instructor – Live Sound, Venue

Shawn Rohlf

Instructor – Audio Recording Techniques, Music History/, Digital Audio

Ian Sutton

Engineer, Instructor – Mixing, Mastering, Digital Audio

Scott Taylor

Instructor – Video Production

Nicole Orsini

M.A, Director of Education

Todd Hunsaker

Admissions Director

“Your facility was very organized, well maintained, and always made me feel welcome. Your staff was well qualified to answer any and all questions I had, and went above and beyond to ensure my experience was top notch. I would refer anyone interested in learning more about the industry and or looking to brush up on a subject to check out TRAC and Studio West. I have been to many studios and am always looking to further my expertise and professionalism in the trade, and this by far was the best learning experience I have had yet!”
—Dan Heidt