Mixing Music

Mixing Music 6-9pm

Volume and Panning—Mixing Music Concepts for Everyone


The mixing stage blends your recorded tracks together, and is the point where your hard work starts taking shape. Mixing Music introduces the techniques to get music mixes radio-ready. It covers the psycho acoustic principals of mixing and also shows you how to use standard technology found in Pro Tools to build a balanced mix of your song. You'll learn how to sculpt your mix using mixing console terminology (as it relates to Pro Tools), explore and use processing effects such as EQ, reverb and delay, and learn how to correctly prepare your session to be mastered to CD or MP3.

Mixing Music consists mostly of hands-on mixing, with direction from the instructor, but it does include some lecture. For hands-on practice, students can use sessions that the instructor provides; sessions recorded in an earlier Audio Recording Techniques class; or sessions from home.  


$250 Individual course price