Pro Tools 2

Record Drums in your Home Studio


Drums are an essential start to any great mix. Pro Tools 2 teaches the fundamentals of recording drums in a home studio.

Starting an album project with solid basic tracks recorded in-time with the click will make all aspects of your session better as your project grows. Frequently however, drummers aren't able to play in perfect time with the click, resulting in sloppy rhythm tracks as the foundation for your project, eventually resulting in tracks that never "groove or lock into the pocket" during your mix. 

In the first half of this 6-hour class, we'll dig into mic'ing up and recording a drum kit, with a primary focus on fixing or adjusting (quantizing) the drum performance to the click track. We will show you how Elastic Audio, which is included in all Pro Tools software, can help you automatically tighten your drum, bass and guitar tracks. 

The second half of this class looks at the same initial timing problems, but shows you how to correct click track based issues using Pro Tools more advanced Beat Detective. We'll also explore Beat Detective's other really useful but often overlooked features related to extracting groove templates and creating tempo maps. 


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