Mixing and Mastering

MIX100: Mixing 100

46 Hours

The first portion of the class provides an overview of stereo mixing while utilizing Pro Tools. Includes an overview of mix environments, listening exercises, how to develop a mix workflow, definition of tools used within mixing, different types of processors, uses and controls of processors, automation, and delivery standards. The second portion of the class further expands on dynamic and time based processor concepts. Learn controls of common plug ins used in the industry. Observe a mix by a professional engineer (instructor) with Q & A time at the externship site.

MIX200: Mixing 200

54 Hours

This course gives an in depth look at the SSL 4000E in mix mode along with its computer and patch points. The class will also go into depth on the different types of mixing platforms used in mixing music. Students will be using the different studios to mix on three different platforms. This class will also look into software that enables the user to “clean up” audio files and a further look into metering and how it relates to mixing. This includes software that focuses on tuning vocals and instruments, as well software that takes unwanted noise out of audio files.

MAM200: Mastering and Advanced Mixing

54 Hours

This first half of this course provides an overview of the Mastering process of a production. Mixing for Surround fuses music and audio post-production mixing techniques to demonstrate the practical application of mixing audio in surround sound.