Drum Rentals

Drums & Percussion Instruments Available to Rent


At Studio West, we have a wide range of vintage and modern drums and percussion available for projects here at our facility and for rental by individuals, backline companies, other recording studios and video production companies in the San Diego area.

We have a selection of modern and vintage kits in various sizes, plus a wide selection of snare drums, complete cymbal sets and associated hardware. The next time your band is performing or recording in San Diego, give us a call. Please contact Peter Dyson for all your drum rental needs at 858 592 9497.

All rental prices are daily rates. However, pro-rated prices are available for weekly rentals and any other rental period lasting longer than one day.

Delivery is also available for an additional fee. Our maximum delivery distance is 25 miles and prices do not include setup. Setup can be done for an additional fee.

Delivery Pricing:

Delivery: $25 each direction.
After hours, Weekends, and Holidays – Call for pricing.
Rentals must be paid in advance.

Standard Rates

  • Modern and Boutique Kits, 4 or 5-piece Drum Kit (including snare drum) with Hardware – $125 per day
  • Classic/Vintage Kits, 4 or 5-piece Drum Kit (including snare drum) with Hardware – $150 per day
  • Cymbal Set – $25 per day
  • Snare Drum – $25 per day

Note that most of our vintage kits can be offered with complete original hardware (for the purists!) or more modern alternatives.

Our minimum kit rental includes 4 drums. We do not rent 3-piece configurations. Any rental consisting of less than 4 drums is subject to individual drum rental rates and additional fees. Cymbal set rentals include a ride, 2 crashes, and a pair of hi hats. Splashes, china cymbals, and other effects cymbals may be substituted if necessary.

One electronic kit is typically available (KAT Percussion KT-3 kit).  Miscellaneous percussion rentals, single drum rentals, hardware and throne rentals, and single cymbal rentals are also available. Rental prices vary, so Contact Us or call for special prices.

Modern and Boutique Drum Sets

(Sizes listed as depth x diameter)

  • Noble & Cooley CD Maple (Rainbow Sparkle), 3 piece only plus matching snare. Tom – 9″x13″, Floor Tom: 16″x16″, Bass Drum: 18″x22″, Matching Snare: 5″x14″.
  • Pearl MX (1982) (Burgundy Sparkle). Toms – 8″x12″, 9″x13″, Floor Toms – 16″x16″, Bass Drums – 16″x22”.

Classic and Vintage Drum Sets

(Sizes listed as depth x diameter)

  • Rogers Holiday (Blue Onyx, approx 1967). Toms – 8”x 12″, 9”x 13″, Floor Tom – 16”x 16″, Bass Drums – 18” x 22″, Snare – 5.5” x 14”.
  • Rogers Holiday (Green Glitter, approx 1973). Toms – 8″x12″, 9″x13″, 8″x13″, Floor Tom – 16”x 16″, Bass Drums – 16” x 20”.
  • WFL (Black Diamond Pearl, mid ’50’s). Tom – 9″x13″, Floor Tom – 16″x16″, Bass Drums – 14”x 20″
  • Ludwig Vistalite (Blue Acrylic, approx 1976). Toms – 8″x12″, 9″x13″, Floor Toms – 16″x16″, Bass Drums – 18”x 22″, Snares – 5.5” x 14″.
  • Fibes Crystalite (Smoke Acrylic, approx 1972). Toms – 8″x12″, 9″x13″, Floor Toms – 16″x16″, Bass Drums – 18”x 22″, Snares 5.5” x 14″.

Individual Snares

(Sizes listed as depth x diameter)

  • Ludwig 6.5×14 Supraphonic (70’s)
  • Ludwig 5×14 Acrolite (60’s, 70’s and 80’s available)
  • Ludwig 5×14 Black Vistalite (70’s)
  • Pearl 5.5×14 Steel Sensitone
  • Rogers Powertone 5×14 (Chrome over Brass)
  • Rogers Powertone 5×14 (Wildwood)
  • Rogers Dynasonic 5 x 14 (Chrome over Brass)
  • Rogers Dynasonic 6 1/2 x 14 (Chrome over Brass)
  • Fibes SFT 5 1/2 x 14 (Chrome over fiberglass) (The Buddy Rich Snare!)
  • Ancient Tree Drums 6 x 14 (Cherry Stave)
  • Tama Superstar 8 x 14 (Birch)
  • Slingerland Gene Krupa 5 x 14 (Chrome over Brass)


Various sizes and models available

  • Zildjian – Avedis, A Custom, K
  • Sabian – AA
  • Paiste – Signature, 2002


  • DW 5000 Double Pedal Chain Drive
  • DW 7000 Single Pedal Chain Drive
  • DW 9000 Double Pedal Chain Drive
  • Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedal Chain Drive
  • Sonor Single Pedal Double Chain Drive
  • Sonor Double Pedal Double Chain Drive
  • Gibraltar Single Pedal Single Chain Drive
  • Ludwig Single Pedal Double Chain Drive


  • Various Djembes
  • Various Cowbells
  • Various Shakers